About Mindful Escapes

Al Mayādīn Mindful Escapes is born out of a desire to feel more connected to what’s important. Whether that’s family, friends, career or just to yourself.

http://primoartdiscoverytours.co.uk/classes/city-lit-london/ Finding a way to what’s important amid the clamour of daily life isn’t always easy. Sometimes we feel it rather than see it, so how do we find the right path?

Our retreats take you on that journey of self-discovery. They help you to write your own narrative that is both beautiful, and also helps you to develop into the person that you feel you want be.

We support you in finding your rhythm, to recharge your batteries and carve out your next steps, all the while you’ll be experiencing a destination, finding relaxation and bringing balance to the most important elements of your life.

Our retreats work in harmony with inspiring resorts across Austria, Croatia, the Caribbean and India. They offer a truly immersive destination experience, combined with the very latest in spa technology and treatments.

We don’t stop there. What makes us unique is that we marry these hand-picked hideaways with visiting professionals to bring you the guidance and planning you need to reach your goals. From our Inner Outer Confidence Retreat that helps to create personal strength on the inside, along with a glowing complexion on the outside, to our Age Well Retreat which brings together some of the latest research and practices on how to live healthier for longer.

The common theme that runs throughout all of these retreats is the basic concept of mindfulness which includes compassion and kindness towards yourself.

Baoqing Victoria Cranmer
Managing Director

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