The Menopause Retreat

Helping women feel empowered with information and support through the challenges of the Peri-Menopause, the Menopause and beyond. 

Our Menopause Retreat has been thoughtfully designed to support you as you move through the different stages of the Menopause. Allowing you to be more empowered and feel less daunted by the prospect, and to ensure you are fully equipped to take ownership of your menopause journey.

The retreat is a coming together of women in the safe space to talk openly about fears and anxieties, both for the physical and mental change which is taking place. Sharing experiences has been shown to reduce overwhelm and helps you understand that you are not on your own.

Over the retreat you will cover the following topics; Educate & Inform – You can’t manage what you don’t understand so we will take you over the basic elements of Menopausing.

buy generic ivermectin Enlightenment – Do you know the questions you should be asking so that you can make informed choices around managing your menopause? These questions will be steered by personal values and beliefs, but the education our experts provide give you the knowledge to ask what’s relevant for you.

Tahe The Start – A guide to how your body starts its menopause journey, what happens with your hormones and how this might affect you. How can you best listen to your body and your cycle.

Basic Anatomy & Physiology – How to connect the bits below the belly button to the whole mind and body experience of menopausing.

Yoga & Meditation – We will look at the place of yoga and meditation in helping to keep your body flexible and lower your cortisol. We also include tailored yoga and meditation in the retreat with a focus on breathing and mindfulness.

Mindset – There are many aspects to consider in developing a positive mindset as you go through the stages of the Menopause. Acknowledging the process is happening and the link with ageing is key. We look at this closely and help you consider the changing mind and body and how to apply the principles of a positive perimenopause plan.

Excerise – Moving through menopause we look at forms of exercise that support your changing body, the best practices to protect your joints and to achieve the best results.

Later Life – How looking after yourself during your menopause supports you later in life and can support you against ill health, in particular heart health, dementia and bone health.

Food – We include nutritional insight and cover how what we eat can affect us during the Menopause.

HRT – We cover different ways which HRT can support you, which types are there and how you can best approach your own GP to ask for HRT should you feel this is right for you.

Best Work Place Practices – Finally we will cover what the companies should be doing to support you at work.

Prior to the retreat we ask you to keep a Food & Mood Diary and to also ask you to note your sleeping patterns, any symptoms to help to track your menstrual cycle.

The retreat itself is run as a small intermate group of women to allow for easy and open conversation. There are also one to one sittings with both our Menopause Doula and Medical Doctor. These relationships allow for a continued support network as you transition through the Menopause.

To give you an additional boost we can also include  a program to help you maintain or take your body fitness to the next level. With a mix of tailored nutritional guidance, work outs and spa treatments, you’ll return to your everyday super charged self and ready to take on the world.

You’ll start with a body scan (measurements of the body) and consultation for 20 min to determine the areas you would like to target. You’ll receive an exact nutrition plan & calculation of your target daily calorie consumption.

This is just the start so to support you on your journey you’ll receive a weekly meal plan and a training plan you can do at home.  This is wrapped up with a full body massage on the last day.

Regain your body and mind balance in harmony of the nature and this resorts individual and professional approach.

The bar and restaurant outlets are mostly based on famous Alpine-Adriatic culinary concept, refined with regional delicacies to create an oasis for all senses. 


  • Wellness and water world spanning 6.000m2
  • Thalasso indoor/outdoor pool, indoor/outdoor pool, outdoor infinity pool, children indoor pool
  • Turkish hammam
  • Sauna area with Finnish sauna, steam bath, brine steam bath, panoramic earth sauna with sea view, Bio sauna, Kneipp, cold water canal, crushed ice
  • Various relaxing areas – Panorama relaxing room, dark room with relaxation swings, relaxing room with water beds
  • Private SPA
  • Cardio fitness room and gym
  • Spa bistro offering refreshing beverages and snacks

The location for our menopause centric retreat is Punta Skala. Described as a perfect gateway to wellbeing.   Experience luxury with a Mediterranean flair on the Adriatic coast. Amazing interior and architectural design, breath taking panoramic views and a wellness world of 6.000m2 in black & white make Iadera the best spa hotel in Croatia.

Situated at the very tip of the Punta Skala peninsula, where the sea sparkles like a sapphire and blends seamlessly with the deep blue of the sky, experience the idea of aesthetics and minimalism, mixed with body and mind balance.

The position of the sustainable resort in Punta Skala makes life simple – there’s no rush, no fuss, no hassle, just time and space to really relax and lose yourself in the energizing atmosphere of authenticity and engagement.

Our Coaches

Dr Joanne Hobson – MBBS, DRCOG, FRSH. Member of British Menopause Society, Membership of Institute of Psychosexual Medicine.

Dr Joanne Hobson has worked in Nottingham as a GP for over 30 years and has always had an interest in women’s sexual health and psychosexual medicine. She has been involved and interested in Hormones for the past 25 years where she has worked for both the NHS and a number of private practices.

Although she is now retired as a partner in general practice, she still undertakes locum surgeries in primary care.

She is a BMS accredited menopause specialist and trainer and has run a menopause clinic with a colleague for the last 15 years in Nottingham.

She also works in a Nottingham community gynaecology clinic and sees all aspects of gynaecology, including patients with some psychosexual problems.

  • Menopause
  • Psychosexual medicine
  • All aspects of post reproductive health

 “I am passionate about all aspects of a women’s health life journey, from late teens, throughout their reproductive years and post menopause. I am proactive in empowering women to make the right choices for them, with evidenced based information rather than sourcing their views from the many inaccuracies that may be found within social media and other online resources.” 

Fiona Catchpowle – Menopause Doula, Affiliate member of the British Menopause Society, Creator of The Menopause School.

As a Menopause Doula Fiona enables people who menstruate, to learn about themselves, so they can care for themselves, today, tomorrow and the rest of their lives. Lack of personal knowledge around the topics of menstruation and menopause, beyond basic biology, is holding people back from making informed choices. 

From a place of confusion when she reached perimenopause herself, Fiona set out to demystify menopause for others, which starts with the story of menstruation. Fiona started her own holistic therapy practise 30 years ago. She is qualified in reflexology, aromatherapy, therapeutic massage, adult teaching and Applied Biology. Passionate about helping others have a positive perimenopause, she has now intensified her own knowledge in the hormone highway from menstruation to menopause under the guidance of Dr Joanne Hobson.

“I have a vision of care for the modern menopause. Stigma and overwhelm on the topics of menstruation to menopause are restricting human potential, from a physical, gender and mental health perspective. Having easily accessible knowledge, breaking down barriers and providing workable solutions I aim to increase opportunities and reassurance for all people, thereby creating a positive experience during these huge hormonal shifts.”

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We understand you may be coming from different locations so we have have not included the flights to give you the flexibility book your own flights from the most convenient airport. This also means you can use air miles or other rewards.

We can also arrange additional nights pre or post the retreat.

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